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RU: Carbon nanotube film shows promise for touch-screens by dip coating

Researchers at Rice University (RU), USA, have potentially hit upon a method to produce almost... read more

IBM: Scientists peer within nanoparticles to see atomic structure in 3-D

New York Stock Exchange: International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE: IBM) researchers have... read more

Silver nanoparticles: Potential to 'inactivate' HIV & other STDs/STIs

Research just published in Canada by researchers at the University of Manitoba - International... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Making Gold nanoparticles economical for sensing

Since its first observance Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) has shown potential for... read more

UoND: Innovative nano-sensors - Detection of trace contaminants in water

Low-level concentration of organic contaminants in air and drinking water is a key sensor industry.... read more

Rice University: Nanostarfruits for medical imaging - chemical sensing

Starfruit shaped Gold (Au) nanorods synthesised at Rice University's BioScience Research... read more

IBM: Sub 100 nm semiconductor technology to move form lab to the fab

IBM announced on Monday 10/12/2012 a major advancement in optical communications by claiming to... read more

MIT: Nanoparticles amplify cancer tumor signals - easier to detect in the urine

Research published by teams at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Beth Israel... read more

Iranian University: Unveils new system for purifying waste-water using nanotechnology

Similar to a news article entitled "Innovative nano-sensors: Detection of trace containments in... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Future of data storage - Good things come in small nano-packages

A*STAR Data Storage Institute - has as many have previously claimed that nano-scale engineering of... read more

MIT: Improving the accuracy of cancer diagnoses - spectroscopy technique could help better identify breast tumors

A new diagnostics protocol developed at MIT and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) claims it... read more

UoW: Organic ferroelectric molecule shows promise for memory chips as sensors

As stated in the news article entitled "IBM nano-technique - Scientists peer within Carbon... read more

Chemical self-assembly of Silica nano-wires: New generation of integrated optical devices

Silica micro-wires are tiny and relatively underused cousin of optical fibers. It is claimed if the... read more

MIT: Storing data in individual molecules

As explained in the news article entitled "IBM nano-technique - Scientists peer within Carbon... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Plasmonics as growth lamps for nanoparticles

It is claimed that the illuminating of Silver nanoparticles (AgNP) within a narrow-bandwidth light... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Photonics - Deconstructed nano-sensors light the way forward

A highly flexible approach has been designed for photonic nano-sensors and is now available, which... read more

NIST: DNA & Quantum Dots - All that glitters is not Gold

An innovative team of researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)... read more

IBM: Inside IBM's Carbon nanotube computer chip lab

Recent research from IBM's Watson Research Centre in Yorktown Heights, New York, where some of the... read more

Nano Jam: Zinc Oxide nanoparticles against diabetes

In Pune, India - a breakthrough discovery has been made by scientists at the Agharkar Research... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Plasmonics - Software model makes light work of nano-circuits

As stated by A*STAR researchers - as computer manufacturers cram move processing power into tiny... read more

MIT: Hitachi GST new nano-fabrication technique doubles hard disk capacity - 10 nm patterned data-bit milestone

28/02/2013 - Researchers at HGST (formerly known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies or Hitachi... read more

Science Daily: EPFL-LANES, Switzerland - Prototypes fantastic flash memory - combining Graphene & Molybdenite

Science Daily 19/03/2013 - Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland -... read more

Nano Clast: University of Toronto/LCN - Gold nanoparticles enable simple & sensitive sensor for early disease detection

As an emerging market - Gold nanoparticles (AuNP) are increasingly the first choice for enabling... read more

Clean Technica: UCLA, Los Angeles - A breakthrough in energy storage - Graphene micro super-capacitors

Imagine in the future when you can plug in your smart phone for a mere 30 seconds, and then be able... read more

Asia Research News: South Korea-USA - Peel & stick thin film solar cells

Hanyang University, South Korea - in collaboration with Stanford University, USA - have succeeded... read more

UoM & NUS: How Graphene & friends could harness the sun's energy

Scientists from The University of Manchester (UoM) and National University of Singapore - have... read more

RUB: Mysterious catalyst explained - How tiny Gold particles aid the production of plastic components

The conversion of methanol (CH4O) to formaldehyde (CH2O or HCHO) is the synthesis reaction which is... read more

UoM: Catching Graphene butterflies

University of Manchester (UoM) researchers led by Dr Roman Gorbachev have demonstrated that when... read more

Science Daily: Nanowires fuel breakthrough for solar energy efficiency

In an 2012-13 issue of Science - researchers from Lund University, Sweden - demonstrated how... read more

ITM India: Composite nanomaterials purify drinking water affordably

Unfortunately, each year approximately 3.6 million people die due to issues associated with... read more

RSC CW: Plasmonic milk monitor collars spoilt dairy

Imagine accidentally drinking spoilt milk in your tea/cereal where you know the experience and you... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Plasmonics - A wave without diffraction

Bold claim by A*STAR Singapore researchers that optical computing could benefit from the... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Sensors - Going for Gold

It is claimed specifically sized Gold nanoparticle (AuNP) spheres can increase the sensitivity of a... read more

Science Daily: Beyond Silicon - Future transistors without semiconductors

For decades - electronic devices have been progressively getting smaller. It has become routine -... read more

RU: Add Boron for better batteries

Theorists state Graphene-boron mix demonstrates promise for lithium-ion batteries Irate... read more

UoMi: Stretchable Gold nanoparticle conductor for flexible electronics and brain implants

Researchers from the University of Michigan have discovered how Gold nanoparticles (AuNP) embedded... read more

MIT: From Gold nanoparticles, a new way to control blood clotting

Innovative engineers design nanoparticles that can turn the blood-clotting cascade "on or off" ... read more

MIT: Nanoparticles commercially made to order - Inside & Out

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Nanoparticles commercially made to order - Inside & Out ... read more

NC State: Nanotechnology battery design gets boost from aligned Carbon nanotubes

Innovative researchers from North Carolina State University (NC State) have demonstrated a new... read more

INIC: Faster treatment of third-degree burns by nano-fibrous coatings

Iranian researchers from Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (IRIC) have succeeded in producing... read more

MIT Technology Review: How to save the troubled Graphene transistor

As the buzz with all aspects of nanotechnology continues on a daily basis - there still remains the... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Nano-optics - Light moves in the right direction

A concept demonstrating light scattering, finely controlled by Silicon nanoparticles works well for... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Nano-fabrication - Medical sensors improve with holey Gold nano-structures

A new methodology which can fabricate gold nano-structures quickly and efficiently could enable for... read more

UoM: 'Tense' Graphene joins forces with Gold nano-antennas

As researched by University of Manchester (UoM) scientists, the claimed 'wonder material'... read more

BU: Gold nanoparticles give an edge in recycling CO2

Researchers from Brown University (BU) have demonstrated how finely tuned Gold nanoparticles (AuNP)... read more

NC State: Innovative ultrasound nanoparticles may help diabetics avoid the needle!

Nanotechnology technique developed by researchers at North Carolina State University (NC State) and... read more

KIT: Single atom nano-bit forms smallest memory in the world

Typically in modern day hardware/semiconductor manufacturing - one atom equals one bit ... ... read more

FIU: Magnetic properties in Graphene - Unlock broad applications from information processing-to-medicine

Since the Nobel Committee awarded the prize in Physics for the discovery of Graphene - the'wonder... read more

INIC: Nanocomposites efficient in improving mechanical properties of rubber

Interestingly researchers from Iran have managed to improve the mechanical properties of rubber by... read more

IBM: Graphene chip that's 10,000 times faster, using standard CMOS processes

Engineers at IBM Research have claimed to have built the world's most advanced Graphene-based chip,... read more

nanotechweb.org: Graphene oxide suitable to make smart textiles

A new type of yarn has been developed by researchers in Australia and Ireland by using Graphene... read more

UoMi: Night vision contact lenses made possible by using Graphene

Interestingly University of Michigan (UoMi) researchers have discovered an innovative process,... read more

INIC: Apta-sensors help detection of cancer protein marker

Collaborative Iranian and Romanian chemistry researchers have succeeded in the production of a... read more

ME+D Device Online: Nanotechnology

A team of innovative researchers from South Korea and the USA have recently developed a... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Photonics - Cutting reflection for the infrared & beyond...

Anti-reflection coatings act as efficient broadband terahertz optics for applications in sensing... read more

Penn State: Super-stretchable yarn is made of Graphene

At University Park, Penn State, they have managed to develop a simple, scalable method for making... read more

ICL: Self-assembling nanoparticle could improve MRI scanning for cancer diagnosis

Innovative scientists from London, UK, have designed a new self-assembling nanoparticle which... read more

UC Berkley: Tiny laser sensor heightens bomb detection sensitivity

Innovative technology developed at UC Berkeley could soon provide bomb-sniffing dogs some serious... read more

Caltech: Ceramics don't have to be brittle

Imagine in the future how a balloon could float without using any lighter-than-air gas.... read more

A*STAR Singapore: Data storage - Seed first, heat latter for better writing

A*STAR Singapore - Data Storage - Seed first, heat latter for better writing A new technique... read more

MIT: Crumpled Graphene could provide an unconventional energy storage

Two-dimensional Carbon "paper" can form stretchable super-capacitors to power flexible electronic... read more

A*STAR Singapore: First full-colour images at 100,000 dpi resolution with assistance from nanotechnology

Evidence has been provided by researchers from The Agency for Science, Technology and Research... read more

UoS: Research reveals how Graphene can boost touchscreen flexibility

Nowadays majority of touch screen devices, such as tablets and smart phones, are manufactured... read more

UCR: Cleaning the air with roof tiles

Students at University of California, Riverside - Bourns College of Engineering - have developed... read more

INIC: Nano sorbents able to remove pollutions caused by oil derivatives

Iranian chemists have employed nanotechnology to produce sorbents, which can easily adsorb organic... read more

ACS Chemistry for Life: Paper electronics could make healthcare more accessible

Please Note citable via "Direct writing on paper of foldable capacitive touch pads with Silve... read more

AZO Nano: CelluForce expands partnership with Schlumberger for wood-derived nano-crystalline cellulose

CelluForce is pleased to announce an investment into a company owned by Schlumberger. Schlumberger... read more

nanotechweb.org: Ring-like assembly of Gold nanoparticles for enhanced SERS detection

Self-assembled Gold nanoparticles (AuNP) can be used as an effective and low-cost substrate for... read more

UoA: Shatter-proof screens that save smartphones

Polymer scientists at The University of Akron (UoA), Ohio, USA - have managed to develop a... read more

INIC: Corrosion-resistant coatings for medical applications

Iranian researchers have applied a protective layer to increase the resistance of stainless steel... read more

R&D: New type of Nano-sheet offers fast pollutant degradation

Unfortunately, waste from textile and paint industries typically contains organic dyes, such as... read more

MIT: A new way to diagnose malaria

Employing magnetic fields an unique technique can detect parasite's waste products in infected... read more

AIP Publishing: New method for non-invasive prostate cancer screening

Chinese researchers in Guangdong, China at Guangdong Medical College have managed to demonstrate... read more

IOP: Carbon nanotube sponge shows improved water clean-up

A Carbon nanotube (CNT) sponge capable of soaking-up water contaminants, such as fertilisers,... read more

INIC: Cobalt nanoparticles applied in designing new biosensor

Innovative Iranian researchers employed Apoferritin protein cage to synthesise Cobalt nanoparticles... read more

MIT: Tiny micro-particles could help verify goods

Speculative Chemical engineers hope a smartphone readable micro-particles could crack down on... read more

UoB: Staying cool in the nano-electric universe by getting hot

Researchers in the USA have provided an insight into how nano-devices in micro-circuits could... read more

CNET: Nano-ribbons let beating hearts power their own pace makers

Proactive USA researchers demonstrate that materials dubbed piezoelectrics , which are packaged... read more

INIC: Changing composition of nano-fibers results in treatment of superficial, deep wound

An association between researchers from Isfahan University of Technology (IUoT) and Singapore... read more

MIT: Researchers develop new method to control nanoscale diamond sensors

A novel technique which enables tiny sensors to monitor small changes in magnetic fields, for... read more

The Conversation: Fighting super bugs with nanotechnology and light

A novel tool is emerging in the field of combating antibiotic-resistant bacterial diseases.... read more

TNG: Sodium ion battery technology takes a new leap forward

An Assistant Professor in mechanical and nuclear engineering at Kansas State University (KSU),... read more

INIC: Nanoparticles used as optical sensors in drug determination

Iranian researchers have managed to develop a new methodology to determine one of the drugs used in... read more

IBM: Graphene circuit ready for wireless

As famously known Graphene is one of the world's thinnest electronic nanomaterials, and holds great... read more

MIT: A new wrinkle in the control of waves

Flexible materials could provide new ways to manipulate sound and light Flexible and layered... read more

TUM: Organic sensors increase light sensitivity of cameras

German researchers have managed to develop a new generation of image sensors, which are more... read more

diaryreporter.com - Nanotechnology delivers anti-fouling surface for food factories

Innovative scientists have managed to successfully employ nanotechnology to create a contaminant... read more

Science Daily: Nano sensors support skin cancer therapy

Unfortunately, malignant melanoma is the most potent form of skin cancer. For example, in more... read more

Fraunhofer IST: Tuned coatings ensure cleanliness

Annually in Germany contaminated industrial plants cost billions. However, special coatings can... read more

INIC: Modified nano-zeolite boosts efficiency of nickel removal from waste water

Researchers at Islamic Azad University (IA), Shahreza branch, Iran, have managed to increase the... read more

MIT: New technique could enable a major boost in solar cell efficiency

Based on decades of solar cells research - one formula has been considered very important which is... read more

AZO Nano: Nanotechnology based portable power device for consumer electronics

Lilliputian Systems Inc, USA, is an innovative developer of portable power products for consumer... read more

LU: Quantum dots provide complete control of photons

Emitting photons at the top of a micro-pyramid Quantum dot (QD), researchers at Linköping ... read more

UD: Renewable energy resources

University of Delaware (UD) researchers have reported a new catalyst to convert greenhouse gases... read more

MIT Technology Review: Quantum internet - First teleportation on to a solid-state quantum memory

A team of European physicists have managed to demonstrate a device that can teleport quantum... read more

UoI: Measurement of Near-field behaviour of semiconductor plasmonic microparticles

Ongoing progress in the innovative engineering of plasmonic structures has revealed a new kind of... read more

UoTA: Lighter, Cheaper radio wave device could transform telecommunications

Researchers at the University of Texas, Austin (UoTA), Cockrell School of Engineering, have... read more

UoM: Graphene's high speed seesaw

A revolutionary new transistor has been designed for medical imaging and security screening which... read more

TNG: Spot welding Graphene transistors on the atomic scale

Unfortunately, researchers worldwide are still struggling to open a band gap in Graphene at Room... read more

Nature: Breast cancer caught in the act of spreading

Typical characteristics of a wandering tumour cells support a leading theory of cancerous... read more

UChicago: Spintronics approach enables for a new quantum technologies

A research team, including members from the University of Chicago (UChicago) Institute for... read more

ACS Chemistry for Life: Metal ink could ease the way towards flexible electronic books/displays

Please Note citable via "Synthesis and Self-assembly of large area Cu nanosheets and their... read more

UoH: Discovery at nanoscale has major implications for manufacturers

Enhanced sputtering yields from single-ion impacts on Gold nanorods Findings at the University of... read more

MU: Light detector to revolutionise night vision technology

Australian researchers and other of their colleagues in the USA have managed to develop a light... read more

ACS Chemistry for Life: ‘Electronic skin’ could improve early breast cancer detection

Detecting and/or examining breast cancer manually can seem quite low-tech when compared to other... read more