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AZO Nano - Nanotechnology based portable power device for consumer electronics

Nectar which was launched at CES 2013. Provides 2 plus weeks of power for consumer electronics devices. Currently no outlets. Credit - PR News Foto and/or Lilliputian Systems Inc, USALilliputian Systems Inc, USA, is an innovative developer of portable power products for consumer electronics, and Brookstone, USA, a multi-channel retailer and product development company announced recently the launch of Nectar. Nectar is a revolutionary mobile power system that will transform the way in which consumers keep their increasingly power hungry mobile devices charged. In addition, Lilliputian Systems around the same time announced Nectar Mobile Power System had been awarded the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations Award for Design and Engineering in the Portable Power category

As stated by Lilliputian's CEO, Ken Lazarus - "We are tremendously excited to introduce the revolutionary Nectar product, and honoured to win the CES Innovation Award" - and - "Nectar is an absolute game changing portable power product. Its is the only solution that really addresses the challenge of keeping today's mobile devices powered - a problem that is getting increasingly worse in our always connected world."

Essentially the Nectar Mobile Power System is a compact, lightweight and highly portable device that powers and charges billions of consumer electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets, mp3 players, eReaders, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, etc., that easily comply with the USB 2.0 power standard. It is claimed that the product has the capacity to keep consumer electronic devices ongoing for 2 plus weeks by inserting a single Nector Pod power cartridge into the mobile power system. Furthermore, it is possible in using Nectar that the consumer can get 10 times the run-time versus traditional chargers and so will not worry about running out of power. A consumer will be secure in knowing that their next charge is readily available and will no longer need to hunt for nor rely upon traditional wall outlets to charge their devices.

Both the Nectar Mobile Power System and Nectar Pods cartridges have been approved for carry on and use aboard airplanes by the UN International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the USA Department of Transportation. Plus, Nectar reduces the need for consumers to travel with cables and power adaptors and offers an exciting solution to the power challenges faced by modern day consumers.

In 2012, Lilliputian Systems partners with Brookstone to be the first retail launch partner of Nectar mobile power system to commercialise and spearhead it distribution. Initially Nectar will be exclusively available via Brookstone and/or on Brookstone.com for a recommended retail price (RRP) of $299.99 and the Nectar Pod cartridges available at $9.99 each.

As stated by Steven Schwartz, Vice President of Merchandising and Product Development at Brookstone - "Today's consumer electronics devices, especially smartphones, use much more power, increasing the need for a more efficient way to recharge when on the go," - and - "Nectar provides the consumer worry free power, wherever and whenever they need it. This breakthrough technology aligns well with our commitment to develop innovation solutions that make life easier." Original article available here

As with similar nanotechnology battery research studies, the future application of nanomaterials has been executed smartly. However, as also stated previously, DCN Corp strongly believes it can compete by providing a high quality, cost-effective and even fabrication of nanomaterials.  Going forward, if you and/or your colleagues are interested in making DCN Corp's alternative process reality - please ensure to contact the company as soon as practicably possible.