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Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council - Cobalt nanoparticles applied in designing new biosensor

DCN Corp - Iranian researchers applied apoferritin protein cage to synthesize Cobalt nanoparticles (CoNPs) for designing an appropriate biosensor to detect various compounds. Credit - Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC)Innovative Iranian researchers employed Apoferritin protein cage to synthesise Cobalt nanoparticles (CoNPs) for designing a biosensor which can detect various compounds - including Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), phenol (C6H6O), etc.

Objective of the Iranian research was to synthesise CoNPs by employing ferritin protein cage.  Nanoparticles are extremely important because they are applicable in various applications such as medical and other industries.  The secondary objective was to design a biosensor to detect various compounds such as H2O2, C6H6O, and other materials by using ferritin-Cobalt complex.

Characteristic feature of the research was that the protein does not alter during the synthesis process, and the size of the synthesised nanoparticles is in conjunction with the size of the protein voids.  In addition, the nanoparticles produced a protein cage which can be used as a biosensor, which has higher stability because ferritin is able to stand a temperature of up to 80 C, pH value of between 2-10, and a 6 M concentration of urea and Guanidine hydrochloride (CH6CIN3).

Similarly shaped and morphological nanoparticles can be produced by the synthesis method, above.  Therefore, the method is very much appropriate when the nanoparticles have to be produced at the same size.  Other researchers also hope to reach similar low detection limits at nanomolar scale by designing this type of biosensor, which could turn-out to be extremely important in many cases. Original article available here

Please Note the results to the research have been published in Molecular Biology Reports 39, 9, 8793-8802 (2012).

As with other Iranian studies, the future potential of nanoparticles has been sold handsomely.  However, as stated previously, DCN Corp strongly believes it can supersede.  Going forward, if you and/or your colleagues are interested in making DCN Corp's alternative process reality - please ensure to contact the company as soon as practicably possible.