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R&D - New type of Nano-sheet offers fast pollutant degradation

DCN Corp® - New type of nano-sheet offers fast pollutant degradation. Credit - Wiley-VCHUnfortunately, waste from textile and paint industries typically contains organic dyes, such as methylene blue, which can also act as pollutants.  As historically known - thankfully photocatalysis is an efficient means of reducing such pollution, and molybdenum trioxide (MoO3) catalyzes this degradation.  Innovative researchers from Bangalore, India, led by C. N. R. Rao now report that no less than four methods, which can produce nano-sheets made of only a few layers of MoO3.  Please Note the researchers findings are published in Chemistry - An Asian Journal.

The n-type semiconductor MoO3 is employed typically in heterogeneous catalysis.  Essentially the Indian research team prepared the nano-sheets of MoO3 by oxidation of MoS2 nano-sheets, by using Graphene oxide as a template, and by intercalation with LiBr into the bulk material or its ultra-sonication.  When used as a photocatalyst in the degradation of methylene blue and a heterocyclic aromatic dye, the researchers found few-layered MoO3 to afford nearly complete degradation of the dye in less then 10 minutes, whereby only about one-third of the dye was degraded during this period with the bulk compound.

As stated by Rao - "As MoO3 holds great potential in applications ranging from gas sensing to energy storage, and our study will likely spur further research on few-layer MoO3,"  Interestingly further research results reported in their study, above, suggested that a composite of this material with a borocarbonitride is a very promising electrode material for supercapacitors. Original article available here

Excitingly the research, above, highlights the potential of nanotechnology in eco-efficiency.  As stated previously, DCN Corp strongly believes it can easily contribute, and so if you and/or your colleagues are interested in making DCN Corp's alternative process reality - please ensure to contact the company as soon as practicably possible.