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DCN CORPORATION Limited Cookies Policy

1. What are Cookies

Typically cookies are forms of files and/or pieces of information, which are stored by your internet browser on your computer's hard disk drive (HDD).  Such files can only be read by the original website which wrote them.

2. How we use Cookies

From time-to-time DCN CORPORATION Limited may employ cookies to help improve the performance and/or efficiency of our website to measure web traffic and tracking user journeys.  For example, a particular area of the website you may visit and the services you may seek to employ through our website.  Collecting such information is so that we can better tailor our website to your interests and/or requirements.

Cookies are also employed to assist in speeding-up your future activities on our website.  For instance, a website can easily identify that you have provided your personal information to us and so refrain from requesting the exact same information on a second time.  Therefore, In Principle we will restrain from keeping you logged-in.

Please Note most internet browsers are initially set-up to accept a cookie.  However, if you would prefer you can set-up your own internet browser to effectively refuse cookies and/or more so alert you when cookies are being sent, then you must be aware any refusal of cookies at the website you enter can result in your inability to visit certain areas of the website and/or to receive personalised information when you visit the website.

For further information about "cookies" - please ensure to consult the Help section of your internet browser.

3. Changes to this Cookies Policy

We may update and/or amend this Cookies Policy from time-to-time.  If we do, we will indicate any such amendments and/or the date of such amendment on this Cookies Policy.  This is our Cookies Policy as at 8th day of April 2009.

4. Questions

If you have any remaining concerns about this Cookies Policy, please ensure to e-mail: info@dcncorp.com.