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About DCN Corp

DCN Corp is a specialist company delivering nanomaterial displacement for the advancement of potential new nanotechnology solutions.

DCN Corp®

Your Partner in Nano Tech and Nano-Dip Coatings.

Our Company

DCN Corp is a pioneering R&D company with core specialist skills in the development and understanding of nanoparticle displacement for the advancement of nanotechnology solutions. This capability has enabled DCN Corp to effectively fabricate and produce homogeneous surfaces, creating the potential for exciting opportunities in multiple reproducible and repeatable nanotechnology ‘enabling’ platforms. DCN Corp’s longer term aim is for these platforms to eventually manifest themselves as products in a broad range of markets – including healthcare and electronics – delivering new definitions of simplistic, automated accuracy and eco-efficiency. Crucially, DCN Corp is passionate about and committed to the development of nanotechnologies, and is determined through its extensive research and sound science, to contribute to the potentially enormous positive impact this field could have on humanity. DCN Corp is keen to talk to potential R&D collaborators, like-minded innovators and ongoing, future commercial partners. To get in touch, please ensure to e-mail:

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